The MOD3LTHERM team consists of scientists, researchers and industry partners based in Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK and Spain. The core team are based at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Ireland. Below are short bios about each team member:

Emma L. Chambers – PI

Emma L. Chambers is a research fellow funded by the SFI-IRC pathways programme. She is the PI of the MOD3LTHERM project and will coordinate the project as well as supervise the PhD candidate on the project. For more info click here.

Chris J. Bean – Mentor and Co-PI

Chris J. Bean is the mentor and Co-PI of the project. He will oversee the direction of the project and co-supervise the PhD candidate. For more info click here.

PhD Candidate

We are seeking a motivated PhD candidate to join the team. Their focus will be on applying the new methodology to the Krafla volcanic system in Iceland. They will perform joint geophysical-petrological-lithological inversion to produce new velocity and temperature models, verifying the method works at local scale in volcanic settings. There is freedom for the PhD to develop the project towards their own interests, while developing skills in seismic processing, joint inversion, software development and programming. There will also be opportunities for fieldwork and to attend training courses and conferences. For interested applicants please email echambers[at]